Hair Restoration for Women

Thinning Hair • Pattern Baldness • Alopecia

Chemo Therapy Treatments • Discomfort with Wigs

Hair frames your face, reflects your personality and projects youth, health and vitality. Natural Advantage™ gives all that to you through Hair Restoration for Women. See what the media and thousands of satisfied Natural Advantage™ clients are raving about. On national news, talk shows and fashion programs everywhere, Natural Advantage™  has been featured as the answer for women with hair loss who want lustrous, versatile, carefree hair…


The Dermalens™ provides a natural looking scalp, making Natural Advantage™ the closest thing to your own look. The result: a virtual miracle. Hair restoration for women that instantly revives a youthful appearance and looks completely natural.

You’re in the best hands

We invite you to meet privately with Bruno Frustaci for your complimentary Hair & Scalp Evaluation, this will be the first step towards understanding the most effective & natural options available based on your lifestyle desires & expectations. Don’t delay you are closer to the solution than you think!

Bruno Frustaci is a world champion hairstylist, with over 100 international and national awards. He is called to consult with hair restoration studios everywhere. And here he is, around the corner, dedicated to providing only the leading-edge hair replacement solutions – to you!
Bruno's Hair Solutions Women's Hair Replacement Gallery Before and After

Natural Advantage™ Hair…certified gorgeous!

  • The Beauty of real hair
  • The comfort of treating it like your own hair – just shampoo, condition, and style.
  • The joy of going through your day without a single thought about your hair.
  • The ease of leaving all professional maintenance up to our certified image consultants.
  • The flexibility of cutting and styling the same way you do with your own hair.

The peace of mind knowing that, unlike other hair replacement, Dermalens™ becomes a part of you, not something you wear.

Carefree and comfortable.  The most beautiful you!

Natural, invisible hair restoration for women. Long hair? Full hair? Straight, curly, bouncy, sleek or wow hair? The whole universe of style, color, texture, and length are yours with Natural Advantage™. Look your best to feel your best.

The Natural Advantage™ Dermalens ™ technology – 100% hand constructed – is specially designed to do away with the problems associated with other options.

The results have been featured on Good Morning America and other National Media Outlets.

Natural Advantage™ has been tested and proven in Hollywood, on National television, and in all other media outlets:

“Baldness cured in one hour!”
Good Morning America

“A cutting-edge company [with] big ideas…”
The Montel Show

“The truth is, I feel great and I am grateful for this amazing hair restoration product, which gives me the opportunity to reinvent myself on and off stage. My Life would not be the same without it.”
Matthew LaBanca NY, Actor, Singer & Dancer

“Al’s family was blown away by his fabulous Virtual Reality™ hair makeover.”
Movie and a Makeover

“It’s really going to take your breath away!”
First Cast News

“A breakthrough technology that yields unbelievable results!”
Chip Tarkenton, Showcase.

The 90-minute makeover

You’ll be delighted at how easy it is, and how spectacular the results are. Your Natural Advantage™ hair restoration for women session takes only about 90 minutes, the same time most women spend on a cut, color, and style.

“Hair is the accessory we have to take everywhere – and I mean everywhere!!”

“You can’t imagine the sheer fun of changing your look with supreme confidence!”

What do our customers say?

“Not worrying about my hair gives me so much freedom to concentrate on important things!”

“Natural Advantage™ lets me participate in life again, doing things I avoided before I experienced hair restoration.”

Excellence isn’t an option, its a necessity.

Bruno's Hair Solutions Women's Hair Replacement Gallery Before and AfterIn the Brooklyn, NY area Natural Advantage™ Hair Restoration for women is available exclusively at Bruno’s Hair Solutions. For over 45 years, it has been one of NY’s most respected hair replacement Studios, providing professional service for all forms of medical and non-medically related female hair loss to clients of all ages.

At Bruno’s Hair Solutions we take pride in providing our clients with straight answers about all the latest in hair restoration options, and which hair loss solution is right for their particular type of hair loss. Bruno believes his customers are worth only the most realistic, worry-free, stylish product. Today that’s Virtual Reality™ for men and Natural Advantage™ for women. Enjoy carefree, natural hair – and all the extra benefits of being a Virtual Reality™ or Natural Advantage™ client!

Of his life’s work, Bruno says, “Hair restoration is my absolute passion. I count myself lucky to have a job that allows me to be an ambassador for something I love.” Bruno says “I am never finished. I always push for more and you can see the results in my clients’ reactions.”

Bruno takes pride in offering a relaxed, private, “no pressure” environment, with highly trained, experienced, and caring hair restoration for women Consultants. Don’t put it off any longer, call today!