A third of women polled admit they had suffered thinning hair and blamed pressures of life and work. A sixth of women said hair had thinned before their 30th birthday, and one in five high earning men and women blamed work stress for hair loss almost a sixth of women said they would rather be fat than bald.

It’s usually associated with aging but stressed-out working women today are suffering hair loss as young as their twenties, a survey has found. A third of women polled said they had suffered hair thinning, with nearly three-quarters blaming life and work stress on the condition of their hair.

Stressed out women losing their hair in their 20'sA sixth of women surveyed said they had experienced hair loss by their 30th birthday while eight percent said their locks had started to thin by the time they were 25.

A third of women said they had suffered hair thinning with a sixth admitting to experiencing hair loss before their 30th birthday
And 2.5 percent had suffered hair thinning before their 20th birthday.

L’Oreal Professionnel took a poll of 2,000 adults, hair loss set in at an average age of 38. Two-thirds said they suffered thinning hair or baldness, with half blaming pressures from work or home. Among both men and women, the condition was more prevalent among high-earners.

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